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Search Instructions

The subsystem for online digitalised record search allows you to search and display digitalised records as well as information entries available in the system.

Record access can be achieved in any of the following search methods:

  • Search:You may search for phrases, words, or parts of words contained in the online information entries of the system. You may search for one or two terms.
  • Advanced Search:You may search for phrases, words or parts of words contained in the online information category lists of the system. You may combine three text fields and four lists. Multiple search criteria must be linked with the operator AND.
  • Archive Browsing:You may navigate through records of the archive collections serially, by selecting one of the online archives according to its classification.

Special instructions for lists

The terms are in alphabetical order. In the Greek version the Greek alphabet comes before the Latin. Select the term on the list and double click it to enter it in the search box.

Record Access

The search results display a list of record titles and the icon of the first page of the digitalised records. By selecting the icon, the first page of the record is displayed. By selecting the record title the form with the identification and description of the record content is displayed.

The icons of the digitalised record are displayed under the description. By selecting the icon the digital image of the record page is displayed. You can drag this image on your screen in order to read the form, you can maximise or minimise the image and in case of multi-page records, by using the arrows you can navigate to the previous, next, first and last page.


© The digital version of the archive collections is protected by copyright. It can be used strictly for educational and research purposes. Systematic saving and printing of the material as well as any kind of commercial use is prohibited.

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